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data integrity

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How important is protection of your "Mission critical" data?

A recent article in CIO magazine states "storing data is the easy part, recovering data is another story". If your software does not guarantee 99.99999% restores and does not have a level of validation that guarantees the integrity of the data, then replace it.

Regular and consistent backup is the only preventive measure that allows businesses to resume where they left off as quickly and with little impact as possible when disaster strikes. The main issue here is, however, being able to restore all your lost data to its original state with 99.99999% accuracy.

Your software must also ensure data preservation, i.e., it must have mechanisms to ensure that the medium to which you are backing up can preserve your data over a long period of time (at least until your next backup).

ReadyTECH has put together a comprehensive package of tools & services for your business.  While every situation is different, we have found that elements of a secure environment include:

  • On-Line Backup Featuring Data Preserve
  • Hard Firewall with content filtering, intrusion detection & prevention
  • Deep Packet inspection of emails
  • Network controlled Anti-Virus tools
  • SPAM/Malware tools
  • Monthly test of Recovery & media
  • Offsite Storage of backup media or online backup
  • UPS for orderly shutdown of network gear
  • 7 X 24 System Monitoring


    • Your data CAN be recovered in time of need
    • SAFE & SECURE storage of your data
    • Around-the-clock Monitoring and Protection
    • YOU decide who can access your data
    • Work securely from home on your business network

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