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Keep your engineering staff focused on the job not on network maintenance!

Have you considered the opportunity cost in lost time to market having your design staff attempt to maintain your network? Have you ever stopped to consider the importance & impact of providing proper protection & data integrity for your business’s Intellectual Property and Business Intelligence? Have you reviewed and looked at your Network architecture to see if your network is optimized to allow your design staff to work efficiently? Have you recently had a “sniff” done on network traffic to review infrastructure efficiency and check the propriety of network traffic? These are but a few short examples highlighting the importance of Best Practice system administration of your Linux network. Protection of your IT investment is no longer optional.

Our solution begins with the combination of Best Practice based System Administration coupled with tools and experience necessary to provide your business with high quality support that your company needs at a very affordable price.

Without a doubt the centerpiece of the ReadyTECH solution are the people we bring to bear to solve your business issues to make things easy for you. We bring experienced people who understand the challenges facing emerging businesses today.


  • Experience with design tools:
    • Cadence
    • SolidWorks
    • Synchronicity
  • Proactive approach to your system management which includes:
    • Guaranteed Response
    • Continuous Monitoring
    • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Rest easy knowing that your Intellectual Property is protected
  • Network Security that works for you around the clock
  • Improve the utilization of your engineers
  • Simplify your life by having a “Go To” organization for all of your IT needs be they Linux or Windows

Enjoy the ReadyTECH difference now!
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