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Why do I want a managed service provider?

The answer, a managed service provider can take on whatever amount of IT management you wish to delegate, allowing you to leverage the resources/skills you have in-house to their best use.  We have found this is especially appealing to non-IT based enterprises, which would rather have things like their email and internet access be dealt with by specialists. The managed service provider can also assist those businesses who are IT centric by assisting their in-house IT staff with non-strategic tasks that dilute the efficiency of their in-house IT staff to complete work on strategic directives.

Businesses have also come to realize that the time necessary to develop the relationships and systems necessary for in-house projects e.g. security of a company’s web site or providing data management services can result in tremendous amounts of lost time & money.  As Business Communications Review, explained, the process involves many steps, including: evaluating, buying, installing, integrating, testing, and finding the right people (operators and systems analysts). For this reason, the turnkey solutions offered by Managed Service Providers are an attractive alternative for many companies, especially small and medium-sized organizations for which employing expensive IT staff are difficult or impossible.

According to Information Systems Management, “Businesses have an increasingly complex, expanding infrastructure to support & manage”.  Moreover, these systems are no longer competitive advantages, but rather necessary components to remain in business.  So companies are realizing that outsourcing management of these key mission-critical systems is a cost effective necessity.

ReadyTECH can alleviate the strain on your company and ensure that our specialist expertise is available when you need it.  Additionally, ReadyTECH’s comprehensive support package is designed to provide a powerful package of tools & services to take the pain, cost and worry out of managing & protecting your IT investment.

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